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                Recent News

                OPEN’s under-construction project Sun Tower along the coast of?Yantai, Shandong has been selected as the only winner of the?Jeu d’Esprit?Prize by AR Future Project Awards 2021.

                The UCCA Dune Art?Museum designed by OPEN?is granted the Grand Award by DFA Design for Asia Awards 2020.?

                OPEN's Tank Shanghai?has won?the?International Urban Project Award (IUPA)?2020 for the?Special Prize. OPEN's founding partners LI Hu and HUANG Wenjing attended the gala and delivered?a speech on October 30.?Presented by Bauwelt magazine in Berlin and World Architecture magazine in Beijing,?together with Architecture Society of China and other institutions, IUPA?celebrates excellent?urban projects around the world. The main criterion for the selected projects is a strong urban design that not only withstands challenging times, but also empowers.

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