Dr. Tafida Advises Senator Ningi to Avoid Distracting Akpabio


A Senate President aide, Dr. Jibril Tafida, advised Senator Abdul Ningi, Chairman of the Northern Senators Forum, against engaging in disputes with Senate President Godswill Akpabio regarding the alleged 2024 budget padding. Dr. Tafida expressed skepticism, stating, “It sounds impossible to say that N3 trillion could be padded; it does not make sense to me at all.

“As a respected Senator, he (Ningi) should have checked his records thoroughly before rushing to press.

Dr. Tafida further said;

“Nigeria is now at the point where viable solutions are expected to emanate from the senate chambers, instead of bickering in the media. The Ningi Forum should be above board, taking internal issues to the Senate to the pages of newspapers, screens, and radio stations, is quite unnecessary.”

He urged the legislators to privately and calmly communicate with Akpabio, utilizing his open-door policy, rather than resorting to media appearances. Dr. Tafida also cautioned the Ningi Forum against fostering the misconception of regional discord, emphasizing that Nigerians are well aware of Akpobio’s impartial stance regarding regional matters.

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