Researchers Demonstrate the Potential to Utilize CRISPR Gene-Editing Technology to Remove HIV Cells


According to the BBC, scientists, have utilized Nobel Prize-winning Crispr gene-editing technology to eradicate HIV from infected cells. This technology operates akin to molecular scissor, cutting DNA to remove or deactivate undesirable segments. Although the aim is to completely eliminate the virus from the body, extensive research is necessary to ensure safety and efficacy, as current HIV medications can suppress but not eradicate the virus.

While the University of Amsterdam team presented early findings at a medical conference, they caution that this is only a “proof conference” and not a cure for HIV. Dr. James Dixon from the University of Nottinghan echoes this sentiment, emphasizing the need for thorough examination of the full findings.

“Much more work will be needed to demonstrate results in these cells assays can happen in an entire body for a future therapy,” he said.

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