Son Severe Mother’s Hand to Steal Cash Using Her Fingertips


A 21-Yyear-Old man admits to fatally stabbing mother, claims “Black Magic Motive” Sandra Maria dos Santos Carvalho, 58, was discovered with multiple stab wounds and her hand severed in Salvador, Brazil.

Jose Natan Carvalho, her son, was apprehended shortly after the horrific incident on April 20. In court, he confessed to using a knife to attack his mother. Allegedly, he sought her fingers to access her bank account funds.

According to Judge Leandro Florencio Rocha de Araujo, Carvalho admitted to the crime. During the trial, Carvalho asserted he committed the act as retaliation for his mother’s supposed black magic ritual against him.

”According to the judge: “He admitted to cutting his mother’s neck with a knife and then amputating her hand to access money in her bank account.”

Sandra Maria’s body was found covered in a sheet and towel in a neighborhood called Boca de Mata de Valeria. Jose Natan’s cousin alerted police after going to the family home where the mum and the suspect lived, and detecting a strong smell.

Police said her body had began decomposing , suggesting that she was killed days earlier.

The judge referred to the Health Care Network (TAS) and psychosocial Care Network (RAPS).

The case is being investigated by the Department of Homicide and Personal Protection (DHPP) of Salvador.

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