Former Rivers State Speaker Edison Ehie: I Declined Bribe Offer to Impeach Fubara


Edison Ehie, the Chief of Staff of the Rivers State Government, recently made startling allegations, claiming that he was approached with a bribe to orchestrate the impeachment of Governor Siminalayi Fubara.

Speaking at a rally held in the Ahoada East area of the state, Ehie revealed details of the alleged plot aimed at removing the governor from office. His disclosure garnered applause from the assembly crowd, signaling widespread interest and concern regarding the integrity of the state’s political processes.

”They invited me, your son, to impeach the governor and I told them clearly , I was not interested.”

Despite shedding light on the attempt to bribe him, Edison Ehie chose not to divulge the identities of the individuals behind the offer.

This decision underscores the complexity and sensitivity surrounding the issue, as revealing such information could potentially lead to further speculation, investigations, and legal ramifications.

Ehie’s reluctance to name names Amy also reflect a desire to maintain a level of discretion or protect himself and others involved from potential retaliation or repercussions.

They gave me all the money that was hidden before, which I rejected . And because I refused, they conspired and declared me wanted,” Ehi added.

Nevertheless, his decision to speak out about the bribery attempt highlights the importance of transparency and accountability whiting the political landscape of Rivers State

In the preceding year, Ehie found himself under police scrutiny following his alleged involvement in the invasion of the Sate House of Assembly. The incident occurred in October 2023 when an explosion rocked the state assembly building, coinciding with reports of lawmakers purportedly seeking to impeach Governor Siminalayi Fubara.

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