Father Mbaka: Governors, Senators, and Reps Should Receive Same Minimum Wage as Labour


Rev. Fr. Ejike Mbaka, the spiritual director of the Adoration Ministries Enugu Nigeria (AMEN), has stated that the proposed N62,000 minimum wage by the Federal Government should also apply to governors, Senators, and members of the House of Representatives.

Expressing his concern over the hardship faced by Nigerian and the ongoing debate for a living minimum wage, the cleric spoke to newsmen on Saturday, June 8. Fr. Mbaka emphasized the importance of equitable treatment for all government officials, suggesting that lawmakers and governors should experience the same financial conditions as ordinary workers to understand the struggles faced by the general populace. He believes this move would foster a better understanding and commitment to improving the economic conditions for all Nigerians.

”If we decide to give Labour N60,000 or N62,000, why not generalize it to the House of Assembly members, Senators members, House of Representatives men, and governors? They are all civil servants, so are the others slaves? I can’t understand why they are amazing billions sitting allowance, wardrobe allowance, newspaper allowance, and suffering allowance.”

“The people that should have such allowances are those suffering in the village. How much are our teachers, nurses, and doctors being paid? Let’s be realistic, our civil servants that wake early and return late daily, how much are they being paid?”

”Looking at the level of inflation in the country, you will see that we are all not sincere in this country. I’m pleading with the government that a stitch in time saves nine; this situation must be handled with care because it might be hijacked and nobody knows the ripple effect.”

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