Tinubu Expresses Reluctance to Blame Past Government for Current Issues


President Bola Tinubu articulated his stance on the prevailing socio-economic and security challenges in Nigeria, emphasizing his aversion to assigning blame to past administrations. During the inauguration of Agric Mechanisation Revolution for Food Security in Minna on March 11, President Tinubu affirmed his commitment to undertaking judicios measures to revitalise the nation’s financial landscape and steer a course towards progress. Additionally, he underscored his dedication to implementing requisite reforms aimed at fostering national prosperity.

He said;

“When you read papers, some of us are confused whether to abuse the present or the past (governments) or make excuses for the future.

“(it’s) not in my dictionary. Take iron now, do your best, re-engineer the finances of the country and stay ahead on the right path. Those who may be complaining now have to understand that perseverance and consistency will make nation great.

“It is that time for Nigeria to face the challenge and make it an economic opportunity. We must care for people and harness our farming population, including livestock farming.”

” I know what it means as an act of economic sabotage when for roaming cows to eat up the crops and vegetation of our lands. I know it could be painful but when we reorient the herders and make provision for cattle rearing, (this will end).

“You are the governors who must provide the land. Provide us with the land. I , as the President, I am committed to giving to giving you in two, three weeks’ time, a comprehensive programme that will stop this problem.”

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