Spyro Suggests A Correlation Between Exceptional Beauty And Character Traits


Singer Spyro suggests that often, the most dreadful women are the ones who possess exceptional beauty. He draws a parallel, noting that this correlation isn’t unexpected, given that the devil himself was depicted as the most beautiful angel. Spyro emphasized that while many may expect the devil to appear with horns and tai, he often operates under the guise of the attractive faces we encounter, date, an interact with regularly.

He wrote:

“The most terrible of women often times are usually the extremely beautiful ones…..If you got a beautiful one with brains keep her pls , there are few of em left and vice versa….

“it ain’t far fetched afterall that the devil was described as the most beautiful angel, He finds his best expression in beauty….Everything was beautiful was created by God but beware , the devil is the author of corruption and deceit so this theology of the devil with horns and tails are wrong , even 2 cor 11:14 “No wonder , for even satan disguise himself as an angel of light”

He further wrote:

“My generation constantly looking for the black devil with horns and tails, expecting him in some sort of ways in the real sense he is advanced, working behind a lot of the pretty faces we talk to, date and commune with

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