Wike Alleges That Certain Kidnapping Incidents in Abuja May Have Been Orchestrated


The Hon. Minister of the Federal Capital Territory, Nyesome Wike, has asserted that certain accounts of kidnapping incidents in Abuja may have been deliberately orchestrated.

Invited by senators, alongside FCT Commissioner of Police,Benneth Igweh, to provide insights into the measures implemented to ensure the safety of FCT residents, Wike pledged enhanced security measures and increased infrastructure development for the residents. Following the interaction, Minister Wike expressed satisfaction with the fruitful discussions and noted that Senators acknowledged a noticeable improvement in security within the FCT.

“I am glad they are all happy with what we have done, what we are going to be doing and they provide some suggestions on ways forward. What is important is what the FCT should expect from now. I will say improved security and more infrastructure. You can see what is going on in the FCT. It has been turned into a construction site.

“You can also see what has happened in the FCT, now we have our own Civil Service Commissioner : now we have our own Permanent Secretaries which has been. There are new things in the FCT, and the residents are happy. Most of the kidnapping stories you hear, some of them are stage-managed by people. There are come internal arrangements. Take for example, you have housekeeper or a driver in the house who will plot to kidnap the child of their boss. In such case, what do you expect us to do? What we can do is to ensure that the person that is kidnapped is released.”

Wike further announced the successful arrest of the two most notorious kidnappers plaguing the residents of the FCT, stating that this achievement has led to a significant decrease in kidnapping incidents in Abuja.

“We are not saying we have gotten to where we want to be, but we are doing a lot and people should acknowledge that what used to be is not what we are seeing now. We will continue to do our best to ensure that we provide the best to our people. We cannot give you the assurance that there will bee no form of criminality, nobody cando that, as long as we are humans

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