Northern Senators Express Concern Over Large-Scale Abduction, Call for Immediate Action


The Northern Senators Forum (NSF) expressed deep concern over the increasing incidence of kidnappings in their region and urged the administration of President Tinubu to take immediate action to address the situation. According to the senators, 441 individuals, mostly school children, have been kidnapped in Kaduna State alone in the past month. The NSF, led by Chairman Senator Abdulaziz Yar’adua, affirmed their commitment to contributing to efforts aimed at maintaining peace and security in the North.

The statement partly read;

“The distressing state of affairs concerning the recent wave of violence and kidnappings in the North is a major concern to the Northern Senators Forum (NSF). The series of events that have unfolded in Kaduna State, beginning with the kidnapping of 286 students and staff from a school on March 7th, the despicable attack on worshippers in a mosque on March 12th, followed by 14 individuals on March 17th, and a staggering total of 87 individuals in Kajuru on March 18th, amongst others, are only reprehensible but demand urgent and resolute action.

“We are committed to pursuing a lasting solution to this menace. We will not rest until the security situation is significantly improved and the perpetrators of these heinous acts are brought to justice. It is our core duty and mandate, and we will spare no effort in fulfilling it for the greater good of our people and our nation.”

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