Tragic Incident in Niger State: Recovery of 30 Deceased Individuals, 50 Burnt Houses


Gunmen attacked Madaka village, resulting in the recovery of thirty corpses and the burning down of approximately fifty house. The incident, which occurred on Thursday, claimed the lives of various individuals, including Saleh Ahmed Kakuri, the Village Head, and the Commander of the vigilante, along with his Deputy in the Madaka District of Raffi local government area. Additionally, Alhaji Salihu Immahuri, the Maianguwan of Anguwan Bala, and his two wives were killed during a separate attack on Majanjan District within the same local government. Despite the prolonged operation, security agencies did not respond to the incidents, as confirmed by a traditional ruler from the area.

“The bandits invaded the village around 3:30pm on Thursday. Over 30 bodies have already been recovered by the villagers. They operate for several hours without response from security agencies,” he said.

He mentioned that the attacks caused substantial casualties because they occurred during the peak trading hours in the market. Another resident of the village reported that more than fifty house, including commercial establishments, were set ablaze during the assault.

“Over 50 houses including commercial shops, a number of cars and motorcycles were burnt down during the attack. The suspected armed men stormed the village shooting sporadically, killed several people and burnt down the market. They also abducted an unspecified number of the villagers to an unknown destination. For now, we cannot say the exact number of people killed or abducted.” A source said.

“This incident brings to mind a previous attack in the same village a few years ago, which also led to a considerable loss of life. Currently, the Niger State government has not released any statement regarding the reported attack.

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