You Are in a Lesbian Relationship if Your Man is Comfortable Collecting Money From You – BBNaija’s Doyin Talks on Dynamics Involving Financial Equity


Big Brother Naija personality, Doyin, recently shared her perspective on relationship dynamics, highlighting a concerning scenario where a woman finds herself in what she terms a ‘lesbian relationship’. In her view, she suggests that when a man is consistently comfortable accepting financial support from his partner without reciprocating, it creates a dynamic akin to a lesbian relationship, where trading gender roles regarding financial responsibility may be blurred or reversed. This Assertion invites contemplation on the balance of financial contributions within romantic partnerships and challenges societal norms regarding gender roles and financial expectations.

During an interaction with one of her followers on Snapchat, Doyin expressed this viewpoint, saying such men are “sissies”

She said;

“A man that is comfortable collecting your money every time without giving back to you, especially when he has the means… a sissy. You are in a lesbian relationship dear. When he walks by, please spank his ass and buy him lipgloss.

“Nobody suffer reach understanding babe for this life o. He who has ears, let them hear.

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