Lagos Chapter of the Labour Party Calls for Resignation of Abure Amidst Crisis


The lagos chapter of the Labour Party, LP, has urged Julius Abure, the National Chairman, to step down in order to preserve the party’s integrity. Rasheed Bamishe, the LP chairman in Lagos State, made this plea at the party’s headquarters in Lagos on Saturday. He called on the National Working Committee, members of the party’s board of Trustees, and other relevant stakeholders to intervene and prevent Abure from proceeding with the proposed National Convention scheduled for March 27, 2024. Bamishe emphasized the need for Abure to prioritized the party’s interests and suggested appointing a Caretaker National Chairman to oversee State Congresses before convening the National Convention.

He said:

“We urge Barrister Abure to leave the Party now because the litany of corrupt cases against him has done collateral damage to the image of the Labour Party. The Labour Party which was formed by the founding fathers to be a beckon of hope for millions of Nigerians is gradually being destroyed by Barrister Abure and this should not be allowed to continue.”

Bamishe emphasized that while Abure is entitled to establish his own political party and oversees its affairs, the Labour Party, being a democratic entity, cannot operation as a one-person enterprise. He highlighted that allegations of dishonesty, forgery and signature fabrication have tarnished the reputation of the Labour Party, causing public disgrace and embarrassment.

“Even if all these allegations are not true, the reasonable option open to the embattled Labour Party National Chairman is to step aside to pave the way for thorough investigations into the cases of alleged fraud against him. In a civilized clime, Barrister Abure should have exited office since the flurry of fraud cases against him became public knowledge but because of the culture of impunity in Nigeria, he is still clinging to power.

“Barrister Abure should tell the world where the National Convention of Labour Party in which he emerged as National Chairman was held. Barrister Abure is plotting to install himself again as the National Chairman of Labour Party through another illegal Convention and this should not be allowed to happen,” he said.

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