Governor Mbah Enacts Legislation to Establish Teaching Hospital in Enugu North Region


On Tuesday, Governor Peter Mbah signed the Enugu State University of Medical and Applied Science (SUMAS) Teaching Hospital Bill 2024 into law, vowing to swiftly realize the teaching hospital’s establishment to enhance healthcare and education services in Enugu North and across the state. Mbah praised the Enugu State House of Assembly for fast-tracking the bill’s processing and passage, highlighting that the establishment of SUMAS Teaching Hospital aligns with his manifesto.

He said;

“What we have done by signing into law the Enugu State University of Medical and Applied Sciences Teaching Hospital Bill is that we now have in place a legal framework to immediately begin to put in place all that is required to upgrade SUMAS to a teaching hospital. This is part of our campaign promises and we committed to delivering on that expeditiously. We believe that the importance and significance of siting a teaching hospital in our Enugu North zone can never be lost on us. So, we are not going to spend any time in making sure that everything that is necessary and required to upgrade and get the teaching hospital operational is put in place. With this Law, we are going to redouble our commitment and our efforts to achieve that.”

He assured the Governing Council and Management of SUMAS of his ongoing support, emphasizing that his administration would rely on their expertise and connections to expedite the establishment of the teaching hospital.

“We are going to continue to support you and we are also going to continue to count on your experience, network, and profile in raising resources to actualize the project. This year alone, we are going to spend 33 per cent of budget on education. This underscores the importance of education to this administration. So, be sure to come to us where ever there is a need. We are going to support you because we are interested in education and we are investing heavily in it.”

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