Niger Assembly Asks State Governor to Withdraw From AEDC


Shortly after Governor Alhaji Mohammed Umaru Bago of Niger State announced the domestication of Electricity Act and the establishment of an Electricity Regulatory Commission, the State House of Assembly unanimously voted for the state to withdraw from the Abuja Electricity Distribution Company (AEDC), in addition to pulling out, the Assembly also passed a vote of no confidence in the AEDC, the current electricity supplier to the state. This decision came after a meeting with the Chief Operating Officer of AEDC, Mr. Chijoke Okwuokenye, during which lawmakers were unable to agree on strategies to enhance electricity supply to state. The lawmakers expressed dissatisfaction with the poor electricity supply, particularly considering that the state host 60 percent of electricity generating organizations, stating that ‘You cannot be at the river bank and wash you hand with sputum.’

The lawmakers aimed to secure a commitment from the Chief operating Officer regarding a minimum of 18 hours of electricity supply to the state, which he couldn’t assures. In response to the lawmakers’ concerns, the Chief Operating Officer stated that AEDC was willing to provide 24-hour electricity supply to the state if consumers were willing to pay for it, emphasizing the need to cover costs for future purchases.

He also highlighted that consumers in the state owed AEDC N3 billion, describing the debt as substantial. The Speaker, Alhaji Abdulmalik Sarkindaji, who was absent from yesterday’s session, conveyed to the distribution company’s management that due to consumers’ failure to fulfil their payment obligations, leading to the current inadequatepower supply, the state was prepared to withdraw from AEDC-controlled areas.

Sarkindaji, speaking on behalf off the 27 state constituencies, declared that the representatives unanimously agreed to authorize the governor to withdraw the state from the AEDC and join another electricity distribution company (Disco), emaphasizing that this decision reflects the desires of the people they represent.

“We want to try another Disco and to compare it with the poor services AEDC has offered to the state in recent times.

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