Tribal Killers To Face Legal Consequences – Taraba Governor, Agbu


Taraba State Governor, Agbu Kefas, issued a stern warning against criminals perpetrating violence in the name of tribal affiliations, affirming that they will face legal consequences. Responding to recent attacks in the southern regions of the state, Kefas emphasised his administration’s zero-tolerance stance on violence and ethnic unrest.

Through a statement conveyed by his Special Adviser on Media and Digital Communications, Emmanuel Bello, the governor denounced all forms of criminal activities within the state. pledged to decisively address criminal elements and uphold law and order across the state, emphasising the readiness of security agencies to enforce justice impartially. Kefas stressed the possibility of peaceful coexistence among tribes through honesty and mutual respect.

“Criminals killings in the name of any tribes are on their own and would be treated as violators of the law. IAf any tribe has any issues, there are ways to go about settlement and not through taking the laws into their hands. There are dialogue machineries in place.”

“We have the justice departments, we have community leaders and elected leaders. These are avenues to settle scores. Criminals are criminals and those hiding under the guise of seeking justice for their tribes by violent means shall be fetched out and dealt with,” Kefas stated.

The governor highlighted his collaboration with the nation’s top security officials to bolster state security. He emphasised ongoing cooperation with local leaders, including traditional rulers and local government chairpersons, to address the current situation effectively.

“When we came in they said i should just appoint caretakers. I said no. We would have elections. I have given the elected chairmen their marching orders. I would hold them responsible for any breach of peace in their domains. I told them to work closely with the traditional authorities. We are equipping them with funding, vans, and other support to help them secure their communities.”Kefas said.

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