Senator Moro: Damagun’s Survival Not a Victoty For awoke, Says PDP NEC


Senator Moro, Senate Minority Leader, stated that Amb. Umar Lliya Damagun’s survival as Acting National Chairman of PDP wasn’t a victory for any individual but a unanimous decision by party stakeholders to move forward. He emphasized that PDP’s actions shouldn’t be linked to individuals like Atiku Abubakar or Nyesom Wike; it’s about the party itself.

”We cannot translate the entire of PDP’s activities and inactivities to Wike and Atiku, out of millions of other members of the party across the country who also have their own thinking and reasons for being in the party. The whole issue was not about Wike or Atiku, or victory for Wike or defeat for Atiku, the issue was existential. “

”We came together and reasoned together, that I. The present scenario where Nigerians are hurting due to the Malay ministration of the APC government, what do we do to provide an alternative platform for Nigerians to look up to? I. That circumstances, we decided to thread with caution so that we don’t throw away the baby with the bath water,” he said.

Senator Moro explained that Nyesom Wike wasn’t barred from the party meeting because he hasn’t been convicted of any wrongdoing or penalized by the party. However, if the disciplinary committee, led by senator Bukola Saraki, finds him quilts of alleged anti-party activities and sanctions him, Wike will cease attending party meetings.

”The constitution of our party is very clear on who is a member and who is not a member of the caucus of the party and I dare say, at this point, that as a former governor who is still member of the party, Nyesom Wike is a member of the National Caucus of the party.”

”If actions had been taken immediately after the elections and people who are perceived to have acted contrary to the desires and yearning ma of the PDP have been sanctioned then we can say that having been expelled or suspended, you can’t be here, but as it is, non of such actions has been take , so you can’t just ban people from attending meetings.”

“One of the fallouts of the last NEC meeting was the resuscitation of the Reconciliation and Disciplinary Committee, which is saddled with the responsibility of identifying the area of anti-party and the dramatics personae involved in the activities, and recommend appropriate punitive measures against those who have been found guilty to serve as deterrent to future occurrence.”

“Unfortunately , that hasn’t been done, and so to that extent, as a voluntary organization, if the members involved insist they are still members of the party, until actions are taken by the Reconciliation and Disciplinary Committee, we want to take that they are still members of the party,” he added .

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