Nigeria Withness Another Tragic Tanker Explosion Restin Multiple Fatalities


At least eight individual have been confirmed dead in a tragic fire incident involving an oil tanker in Ometan community, situated in the Opke local government area of Delta State.

Reports indicate that the incident occurred on Friday when the oil tanker , traveling from Effurun, lost control while attempting to overtake another truck just a short distance from the boundary bridge between Uvwie and Okpe Local Government Area.

Eyewitness recounted that the front portion of the oil tanker suddenly separated from the rear compartment while in motion, Trina devastation explosion. Consequently, all structures within the Vicinity of the accident were engulfed in flames.

Tragically , some residents who were unable to escape the burning building succumbed to the fire.

In response to the incident , the state governor, Sherriff Obarevwori, visited the scene to offer his condolences to the Ometan community and the families of the victims.

Addressing the situation at the scene, the governor, accompanied by the Speaker of the House of Assembly, Emomotimi Guwor, and the former chairman of Okpe local government area, stated that he was not present at the time of the incident.

”On getting here, I saw dead bodie and those who witnessed the unfortunate incident.”

“it was very sad situation and I commiserate with the people of Ometan community and families of those who lost their lives in this unfortunate incident,” he said.

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