Kaduna Police Apprehend Woman Suspected of Hiring Assassins to Kill Her Husband over N400,000 debt


Zagazola Makama, a seasoned security analyst renowned for his expertise in counter-insurgency operations, provided detailed insights into the incident that transpired within the confines of Rain Guza community, nestled in the bustling heart of Kaduna metropolis.

“The husband borrowed his wife N400,000 to do business. One day, he demanded the money from her but she refused to give him back. She later decided that she should hire one gangster known as Tola and his gang to eliminate the husband so that he will stop disturbing her over his money.

According to a neighbour who wrote on his social media handle, he said;

“It’s hard to believe, but i just discovered that a woman living near me in Kawo hired assassins to eliminate her husband due to a debt of N400,000

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