Scripture Union Calls Upon FG, Legislators to Refrain from Supporting Same S3x Releshionship


The Scripture Union Nigeria issued a plea on Saturday, urging the Federal Government, lawmakers at all levels, and Christain Organizations to oppose the push for legalizing lesb1anism and bis3xuality. Nation Chairman Wilfred Onu, alongside General Director Uwem Udoh, emphasized the potential grave consequences of such legislation during a press conference held at the Union’s headquarters in Samonda, Ibadan, the capital of Oyo State.

He state;

“We are deeply concerned about the seeming acceptance of these unbiblical ideas, contrary to the clear admonitions in the Holy Bible; in utter affront and disregard to the legal implications contained in the Sam-S3x Marriage Prohibition Act, 2014; and other status/laws that criminalised such conduct in several states of the federation of Nigeria. The promotion of this ideology by some religious and political leaders, especially in the Western World is alarming. We can no longer keep silent and allow the fabric of our human/society decency, values and public morality.

“As therefore call on the entire Christian community to firmly uphold and advocate the message of God’s love and redemption for all,; and totally reject LGBTQ+ ideology that oppose or contradict the teachings and principles/injunctions of the Holy Bible. We call on all Christians and true lovers of humanity to rise in defence of the sanctity family life and decent society. The union unequivocally reject the harmful agenda of those persons, organisations and agencies who are promoting these ideologies.

“Furthermore, as a union with the mandate of God to serve children, youths and families, we are committed to safeguard, protect, defend and promote their innocence from harmful influences that deviate from Biblical teachings. We advocate for the preservation of traditional family values and marriage as defined in the Scriptures”

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