50 Stranded Foreign Nationals Safely Evacuated from Lagos Premises Amidst Exploitative Employment Situation


The police in Lagos State have rescued 50 foreigners, including children, who were being help captive by a gang of job scammers in a duplex on Omola Road, Edemola area of Epe. These individuals, citizens of Cameroon and Gabon, were deceived by the ring leaders of a Cameroonian job scam gang who promised them job opportunities in Nigeria. After pay an unspecified amount to the fraudsters, some victims even sold their valuables, including houses, in their home countries to finance their journey to Nigeria for the promised jobs.

Upon arrival, they allegedly remain confined to the duplex, cautioned against venturing outside until employment was secured as promised. Investigations revealed that several individuals had resided within the premises for duration of sex months.

SP Benjamin Hudenyin, the Lagos State Public Relations Officer, disclosed the rescue of 34 individuals, noting that the primary suspect had absconded to Cameroon.

Hundeyin said:

‘They are not kidnapped victims, they were deceived by some Cameroonians that there were jobs in Nigeria, only to be stranded because they have expended all their money. All of them have been taken to the police station. The ring leader is on the run. He gave all of them the same arrival date and when they arrived, he collected their money from them, asked them to stay in thier room and left with a promise to be back, only to abandon then and go back to Cameroon.”

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