Memphis Depay Reportedly Provides One Million Euros in Bail to Assist Former Barcelona Star Dani Alves Following His Legal Situation


Memphis Depay, the Atletico Madrid and Dutch football sensation, reportedly contributed 1 million Euros towards securing the release of Barcelona icon Dan Alves from prison following the release his conviction for rape. Alves, the revered former Barcelona and Brazil player, had been sentenced to four-and-a-half years in prison for an incident at a nightclub in Catalonia dating back to 2022. He had been detained since January 2023 but regained freedom on March 25 after posting bail. Amid uncertainties regarding Alves’ financial resources, speculation arose about who facilitated his bail. Journalist Mabhut-Al-Narri revealed that it was Depay, a current Atletico Madrid forward and former colleague of Aves at Barcelona, who reportedly intervened to aid him, as reported by Daily Sports.

He wrote on his X handle;

“Exclusive: Memphise Depay is the one who paid one million euros in bail for Dani Alves and was released from prison today. It is not rumoured that Neymar was the one who paid, but rather that he and his father evaded paying.”

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