Avoid Consuming Spoiled Tomatoes and Peppers, Causes Cancer, Damages kidney and Liver : Doctor Warns


A medical doctor, identified as Dr. Wales, has cautioned Nigerians against consuming spoiled tomatoes and peppers, commonly referred to as ‘weda’ or ‘bake’ tomatoes.

In a widely circulated social media video, Dr. Wales emphasized that the regular consumption of rotten tomatoes or peppers poses significant health risks, including an increased risk of cancer due to the presence of harmful microorganisms like fungi, which produce mycotoxins.

Using a plate of spoiled tomatoes as an example, Dr. Wake stressed that economic hardship should not justify consuming such hazardous food items.

”Fellow Nigerians, good morning. I know that, because of the economy, you are saving money on so many things. But please, if you see this thing, (rotten tomatoes and peppers) in the market , run away. “

”Just because we are in a ‘rogbodiyan’ (tough) economy does not mean you should start eating poison, because this type of tomato can cause cancer.”

“Fresh tomatoes are vegetables rich vitamin C , potassium and antioxidants. Rotten tomatoes, however, aren’t fresh in any way but are soft pieces of piled tomatoes sold at cheaper prices to people who can’t afford the fresh options.”

“And, because they are broken, this type of tomatoes are easily accessible to flies, which deposit germs and eggs inside them. But, that’s not the worst part. As these tomatoes break, microorganisms invade them , causing them to rot. Among these microorganisms are fungi known to produce something known as mycotoxins. Meanwhile, mycotoxins have been linked to cancers and induction of immune deficiency in humans. And, because tomatoes contains lots of flux, these mycotoxins spread faster to all parts of the tomatoes.”

The medical doctor further stated that boiling and washing the tomatoes do not eliminate the mycotoxins, which can cause cancer and damage the kidneys and liver,

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