Allegations of ‘Mental and Physical Abuse of Women’ leveled Against Former Manchester City Player Jerome Boateng by His Mother


The mother of former Bayern Munich and Manchester City defender Jerome Boateng has made shocking allegations of ‘abusing women for years’ in an email sent to a German media outlet. Boateng, a German defender, had a previous conviction for assaulting his ex-girlfriend Sherin Senler three years ago, but it was overturned due to procedural errors after an appeal by Boateng. He was fine #1.5 million at the time and avoided a potential five-year jail term, but a German court ordered a new trial in October of last year.

Boateng’s mother reportedly sent a document to a Berlin lawyer on March 25, 2021, detailing the alarming allegations against her son. In response to allegations surrounding the behaviour of Jerome Boateng, particularly following the tragic death of another former partner, Kasia Lenhardt, in 2021, his mother has denounced the former Germany international for purportedly engaging in both psychological and physical abuse against women. Her criticism was revealed in an excerpt published by BILD via Der Spiegel.

She said;

“For years, my son has been abusing women psychologically and physically, now Kasia Lenhardt has taken her own life and he still does not want to bear the consequences for his behaviour.”

The German media outlet persists in unveiling a voice message retrieved from Lenhardt, conveying:

As per the published report, a Berlin lawayer further elucidates that Lenhardt intended to pursue legal actions against Boateng for assault before her untimely demise. Boateng has consistently refuted the accusations made against him by Spiegel, and the player’s lawyer issued a response in March, elucidating the situation.

“Therefore, basically: they are simply misinformed to a large extent; beyond that, it seems that you are only being provided with selective information,’

The former fashion model Lenhardt was discovered unresponsive in a Berlin apartment on February 9, 2021, tragically passing away at the young age of 25, coincidentally on the day of her son’s sixth birthday. Kasia, born Katarzyna in Poland, had been in a relationship Boateng for 15 months before their tumultuous breakup on February 2, 2021. This separation ignited a heated dispute, leading the couple to exchange public criticisms and accusations through social media and the press.

A friend of the Lenhardt’s previously said in 2021: “She died a week ater Jerome gave an interview in which he said their relationship was over. He said some really nasty things about Kasia. She was very upset by it.”

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