Key Terrorist Leader and Fighters Killed in Zamfara Operation


Nigeria Army eliminates infamous terrorist leader Junaidu Fasagora and followers in Zamfara.

During a counterinsurgency operation in the Tsafe general area of Zamfara State on Wednesday, Nigeriann Army troops successfully neutralized Junaidu Fasagora, a notorious terrorist leader, and numerous members of his group. According to an official statement from the Nigeria Army, Junaidu Fasagora and his terrorist organisation have been linked to a string of kidnappings and terrorist acts across multiple states in the Northwest region.

The statement says;

“Nigeria Army troops deployed in Zamfara State for Counter terrorism Counter insurgency operations in the North West Region have neutralised a notorious terrorist leader, Junaidu Fasagora and scores of his fighters after a ferocious Artillery bombardment and ground battle in Tsafe general area of Zamfara State. Junaida Fasagora and his terrorists’ group have long been responsible for a series of kidnappings and other terrorism activities against the populace across several states in the North West. ”

“Their elimination marks a crucial victory in the fight against terrorism and insurgency. Troops remain committed to sustaining the ongoing operations against terrorism, insurgency and sundry crimes to restore safety and security to troubled areas.”

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